My Story

I am a husband, a father, a hospital administrator, an athlete and trying my attempt at writing. My wife and I got married in 2008, while both of us were still students and had our first child in 2009. We both had one more year of school to finish. My class schedule was more flexible so I was able to play Mr. Mom while my wife went to class during the day, with me bringing our daughter during her breaks. Once graduated, we moved on to pursue my graduate degree in healthcare administration, with my wife being the breadwinner. Once again, I would go to class for a few hours while my wife went to work, providing for our family. Those first few years gave us both a clearer understanding of each other’s roles, which has proven to help now that we are both fulfilling our more traditional roles, with me as the provider and her developing our children to be mature and well rounded adults.

Those experiences allowed me to realize what a huge and awesome responsibility it is to be called Dad. It is my favorite name I have (and let’s face it, I’ve been called lots of names in my life). With that said, I think about how to be a better father often because I feel I owe it to my wife and my children.

My hope is to write my thoughts on engaged parenting and to give my readers a greater understanding of what the title of father and parent actually means.


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