Consumption vs Creation

Go to Wikipedia…see how long you can stay on there…ok don’t! I was kidding, but I think we all get the point. Even on one website you would spend centuries (literally) trying to read everything on there. So that brings up the question,

How much time do we spend consuming information daily?

Some information is necessary whether for work, school, being a better parent, etc., but do we need to spend as much time as we do consuming. As you may remember I gave up facebook a while back, and to be honest, I don’t miss reading mindless updates. I do miss seeing some pictures of family members, but now I live close to those family members, so it isn’t such a big deal. I now keep in better touch with those I care about through other mediums; more personal mediums.

The opposite of consumption is creation. Here are a few ways of creating:

  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Playing an instrument or singing
  • Playing with your children
  • Cooking

There are many more examples of creating. What I have realized is simple.

 I am happier when my time creating is greater than my time consuming.

I think we should all try to spend more time creating. Take 5 minutes today to create. Write down your thoughts, pick up your old instrument, toss you kids in the air a few times. Then tomorrow take some more time. Creativity enlivens our souls and brings joy to our hearts.


2 thoughts on “Consumption vs Creation

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