How this Christmas was different

Christmas is a unique time of year. The beauty of the season and what it means in terms of people’s attitudes is usually positive, but this time of year is always coupled with the stress of decorations, parties, and most especially the burden (time and financial) of buying presents.


I have been wondering what we could do to change this Christmas a little bit, what we could do to make it more focused on the true meaning of the season, focusing on Christ and the spirit of giving. Despite some degree of stress, I feel this Christmas was better than years past for one main reason.


We focused on others.


On Christmas Eve, we were able to make cookies for our local firefighters. Since I have entered a profession (healthcare) that is a 24/7 operation, I have realized there are a lot of people who sacrifice time away from family and friends on the holidays to keep us safe, so we wanted to thank them. We sang a few songs and then the firefighters proceeded to give us a tour of the truck and let the kids sit in the seats. It was so fun to watch the excitement of the kids. We had come to say thank you to these men, but instead they gave us a great memory. I could give my kids all the toys in the world, but what toy can beat out sitting in a real fire truck?


There were other activities, but that one sticks out the most. These are the types of memories I want to have with my children in years to come. I do not want to focus on the presents, but would rather focus on building relationships, saying thank you, and making someone else’s day a little bit brighter.


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