Giving up…

So over the past few months, I realized there were things I chose to waste my time on, which I didn’t even want to be doing. Maybe some of you know what I mean. You sit down to “take a break” from work, cleaning, the kids, and find yourself 15 minutes, 1 hour, maybe even a few hours later feeling like you just wasted away precious time from your life. Trust me, I think we have all been there. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t take a break once in awhile, but sometimes we need to do other things instead of wasting our time watching television, or surfing the internet.

The hard part is changing. It is always difficult to change. What keeps us from change? The fear of not being connected, worried that we’ll be even more tired if we actual use our brain power a little longer to do something creative, or read a book. There are countless reasons. I decided to flip the switch on one thing, in essence, an experiment. I did it and it feels great…I have not been on facebook for over two weeks and I love it. Since it is an experiment, I had my wife change my password, but I am not quite ready to give it up completely. I am not against completely getting rid of my account. Maybe I just don’t have the guts to burn a bridge with a website quite yet (maybe that tells you how bad of a problem I had when I use phrases that are usually described with our interpersonal relationships to describe my relationship with an inanimate object).

What do I do instead? I spend time with my kids, I spend time reading, I spend time on what I care about. I spend time helping out around the house. Sometimes I just sit and watch. I would rather not be reading endless updates from acquantances about what they had for breakfast, that their husband is currently cutting his hair (really??), or what song someone has listened to and what news articles they are reading. I would rather live my life, than following the lives of others, that apparently are so important they feel the whole world needs to know how their date went last night.

How long will I stay away? It’s indefinite, but the longer I stay away, the more I want to stay farther away.

What distractions have you given up recently?


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