My story…

Over the past two years, I have had the great opportunity to stay at home with my daughter while my wife and I finished our Bachelor’s degrees and even now while pursuing a master’s degree, I have become the one at home throughout the day (thanks to my wife finding a job that can support us through school). This is by no means a long-term arrangement, but will quickly change come January when I start my first job out of school. I am grateful I will be able to provide financial security for my family, but I am going to greatly miss the time to play, laugh, and even cry with my daughter, and soon to be son. As my role in our family is beginning to change, I have had the chance to reflect a great deal on what I have learned over the past two years, and hope to impart some of those lessons through this medium. In addition to sharing these lessons, I hope this blog can serve as a journal for my son to read eventually and understand how I approached fatherhood.


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